I'm so fortunate to have found Lisa Decker.  I have tried so many other modalities: Pilates (groups and 2 different coaches) as well as Gyrotonics, traditional physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, and much more, but Lisa’s ability to use customized postural based exercises to systematically address issues, modify the “menu” of exercises that are emailed to me each week (with photos and videos) makes doing the exercises on your own much easier and also addresses the underlying muscular and structural (in my case “deformities”) and helps you to get results… anytime I felt any pain, she changed the exercises and had me walk after each exercise to make sure the changes we were making really addressed the problems.  In the past I felt exercises were driven to strengthen everything, not always addressing my specific issues and many approaches (like massage and chiropractic) were not long lasting.  I feel with the program Lisa created that eventually I will be able to do these exercises on my own w/o assistance and not be continually tied to the practitioner and forced to invest hours and $$$ in resolving problems I could resolve on my own by being empowered.  That’s what Lisa offers… an attentive and thorough approach where she really listens and helps her clients solve problems.  I was referred from my massage therapist and I’m writing this because I wish I had found her earlier… I had never heard of Pain Free, by Pete Egoscue and had no idea how effective it was!    

Before our sessions I had resigned myself to adapting and trying to be thankful I could walk 2-3 blocks and hoping I could maintain that.  The pain had progressed t down my leg and my back was beginning to hurt from all the limping.  Then I woke up (having slept all night without hip pain) and then REMEMBERING that I had walked 2 miles yesterday.  I had to do a double take thinking I must not be awake and that I was dreaming.  Imagine how grateful I am for being relieved of the possibility (and maybe even likelihood) of having hip surgery.  The difference of how I am able to move after I get out of a chair, and how I can walk is really beyond what I came to ever think that I could ever dream or hope for again.  Basically my right hip DOES NOT HURT and I can walk like I was able to 3 or more years ago. I am very surprised, very happy and very thankful for you & your remarkable expertise. I am grateful beyond words.  

Lisa really knows her stuff! For years I've been struggling seeing therapist after chiropractor after spine specialist. No one caught my spinal twist. Lisa took pictures of me and watched me walk, and said that I have a subtle twist in my entire back, that's why I developed the disc issues! As we have worked together she's listened and given me exercises to do that my body could barely even achieve. I never knew how weak I was and how much I've been compensating in my body motion for years. My back has gotten so much relief and I really feel like Lisa was able to help me arrest the progression of my back problems, which no practitioner has even addressed or thought to look at. I am so grateful for practitioners like Lisa who listen, learn, and look at the root dysfunctions!


For years I've had constant back pain. I've been through several rounds of physical therapy. I've been to countless chiropractors. I even tried acupuncture. I received a referral to go see Lisa. I had no expectations going into the treatments, I just had an open mind. I was at a point where I just tried anything and was willing to try anything at any cost. After a couple weeks I couldn't believe it! I never thought I could live relatively pain-free. I just did the exercises as prescribed and I am almost completely pain-free now. We are continuing to work together to see if I can get even better. I am so happy right now. I wish I had started going to Lisa 20 years ago.


As an aging amateur athlete, I was referred to Lisa Decker for a knee stuck in flexion from what I thought was a chronic repetitive-use injury. After working with Lisa, she discovered other alignment issues in the shoulders and pelvis that most likely contributed to the knee problem. Each week, after assessing my alignment and movement, she prepares a customized menu of exercises for me to do until our next session. As we've progressed, my movement has become more fluid, my posture is better, the knee flexion has improved, and my shoulders no longer  "snap, crackle and pop" with every movement. My quality of life has definitely improved! 

I have been working with Lisa Decker for over a year now. When we started I was dealing with pain and numbness resulting from 2 herniated discs in my neck that the doctor had diagnosed through an MRI. I was told that cortisone shots would relieve the pain for a period of time but that there was essentially no prognosis of healing. In the time that we have been working together, Lisa identified my postural issues as well as muscular development issues and has provided solid and successful exercises to either eliminate or greatly alleviate the impact of these issues. The exercises are not difficult and are adjusted for me as I continue my improvement. I am now pain free in my neck and the numbness has completely subsided. The exciting thing for me is that I did not need to stop my daily swimming through it all and in fact, my swimming has improved as a result of our work. I would recommend Lisa to anyone knowing that she would thoroughly evaluate a client and then provide expert help where she believes she can. I have learned so much about my body and what to do to avoid the pain that the doctor's have simply attributed to "old age". And since I really don't like them telling me that all the time, it's been nice proving them work with Lisa's help.

I have had great results working with Lisa Decker to improve my posture and manage my sports related injuries. She offers a method which uses Egoscue exercises, which is based on the principle of doing a short (20 minute) daily exercise routine to realign your body. This is different from physical therapy or yoga, in that she uses feedback (photographs, functional tests and pain symptoms) to tailor the exercise menu to your body. She also helps you troubleshoot and learn about your body and what exercises work and what don't. She is very competitively priced for teaching you this method.

Lisa Decker is a superb trainer and therapist. She works very hard to train me to do exercise correctly so I get to be stronger and not hurt myself by pushing hard and incorrectly.  Lisa is totally present for the hour she spends with me. She is meticulous about form. I have been working with others and not achieving the results I wanted. Lisa knows the theory behind improving strength and mobility.  I had been having an increasing amount of back pain before working with her. When I do the program she has given me I have no back pain. I recently returned from a strenuous European trip. I had a moderate amount of back pain from the travel. One session with her and I was out of pain and feeling normal again.  She is excellent.

I have had serious posture problems for many years, and this has led to much unnecessary pain.  Lisa Decker of Aligned Fitness was recommended to me by a personal trainer at the JCC, who told me that Lisa is an expert on helping people with posture problems. I have been seeing Lisa for around three years.  One of the first things I learned from her was that the exercise program I had been doing faithfully for many years was actually counterproductive.  Lisa started me on a new program, which has had extremely good results - I am now pain-free nearly all of the time!  I am impressed by how very dedicated and knowledgeable Lisa is.  Based on what she observes in our sessions together, Lisa constantly modifies my exercise program to best fit my current needs. I recommend Lisa very enthusiastically.

I can't say enough good things about Lisa Decker and Aligned Fitness.I  had some surgeries before seeing Lisa and she has helped me regain mobility and strength. Lisa uses the Egoscue exercise program designed to relieve pain and restore balance. She takes before and after photos to evaluate my progress and writes a  program of exercises for me to do daily. She has a thorough knowledge of the body and is careful to choose exercises that meet my needs without causing pain.

I have suffered from back and shoulder pain for over 20 years.  I maintain my back by regularly swimming and stretching out. Lisa changed my stretching routine.  Within weeks of performing my new routine my pain went away.  Lisa has been working with me to get my body in alignment.  I can now  physically perform in ways I never thought my body was capable of doing.

I was walking (outside) last evening and felt a  "freedom" in my glutes and hips that was quite extraordinary.  Indeed, something positive is going on inside my body that I haven't felt for a long time.  With your help, I'm learning to listen to my mind-body connection!

I strongly recommend Aligned Fitness--Lisa Decker analyzed my posture issues and gave me a menu that is a delight, a daily posture-strengthening meditation. She's upbeat, empathetic, and supportive. Now I feel stronger, more fit, energetic, and confident--and people think I've lost weight. Good posture makes a major difference!

Lisa is amazing.  She is absolutely great at understanding individual needs and getting her clients to “listen” to their bodies.  I’ve had chronic pain for years, and it’s significantly improved since training with Lisa.

Six months ago when I first began with Lisa Decker I could barely walk around the block. My hips, shoulders, neck and feet hurt and nothing else I had tried had any significant effect. She has crafted exercise routines that have helped me immensely. My husband and I are again enjoying extensive walking and hiking. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who has pain.

Lisa Decker does an excellent job working with me to determine the best course of action for all of my posture and other issues.  She is very knowledgeable, personable, and dedicated to helping me achieve the best outcome possible.  I would recommend her to anyone.

After I left you yesterday, I did a lot of the exercises you gave me over again.  Later that day I realized my right arm pain was gone!   I’m so excited and relieved to know there’s something I can do to help make it better. I also have to tell you the Foundation breathing works really well for me.  I went walking up and down hills tonight for 50mins no problem.  I feel like I can stand up straighter with better posture.  I’m hopeful this improvement will continue.  Thanks so very much. 


“As a long-time back and knee pain sufferer I became used to a routine- weekly chiropractic adjustments and ibuprofen.  When faced with an upcoming move out of state without any medical providers/contacts, it became clear that I needed to address whatever underlying bad posture behaviors I had that were keeping me in weekly dr appointments.  That was when I had heard about Mark from my runner family and friends, that he had helped them heal so effectively from their sports injuries.  I can now attest to the incredible change our sessions have made in my life.  I used to have severe mid-back pain, front knee pain, and a “locking” joint.  After even the first session these things were greatly reduced.  Now after 4 sessions they are gone.  Mark has helped me tap into my body’s awareness about what is not working and how to move in a way to release these blockages.  I have come to have a deeper knowledge of my body and been given great tools to self-heal once I move out of state. He has also taught me how to walk, sit, and stand correctly so that I can finally internalize good posture habits that will keep me from re-twisting myself.  This body awareness has emanated into other areas of my life with positive impact.  As a medical school student, I feel like I have a new vocabulary, self-awareness, and framework of thinking of the human body that will help me be the best physician I can be for others someday.  The investment of our weekly meetings and my daily plan is one of the best investments I’ve made in my pursuit of health.  Thank you Mark!”


About 4 years ago, I had a rare AVM surgery in the T6 to T8 area of the spine where I could not feel or move anything from the waist down.  After 45 months of rehab with several different physical therapists, I decided to give Aligned Fitness a try.  After 4 months, I have expotentially increased my mobility using Lisa's customized exercise program.  You owe it to yourself to invest in the right therapist.  I can't say it enough, thank you Lisa!


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