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Aligned Fitness offers onsite and offsite classes and seminars in QiGong.  QiGong is an ancient form of Chinese Medicine designed to provide balance, strengthen the immune system, and enhance one's physical

and emotional health & wellbeing.  

In these various movements and meditations, we learn to sense, feel and tune in to both our physical and energetic body.  In energy medicine focus is placed on proper posture, breath, and intent.  If your posture is out of balance, your energy (Qi) cannot flow effortlessly and easily.  The position of your rib cage may be altered, which will then effect efficient diaphragmatic breathing.  Oxygenation is essential for nutrition, metabolism and many other bodily functions.  A lack of functional postural alignment and oxygenation can have a strong influence on your mood as well as your emotional wellbeing.   There is a continued focus within the classes I teach on all three vital aspects of QiGong:  


Classes are designed to connect a group of like-minded individuals to learn a variety of prescriptive QiGong movement practices and meditations.  We learn to access universal energy and begin to integrate the flow of energy via a continued focus on the balance between posture, breath and mind intent.

New QiGong classes will begin September 2019 at the APJCC in Los Gatos.  Please sign up for the Aligned Fitness newsletter to stay informed of upcoming classes.

Lisa Decker will be subbing for QiGong on the following dates:

Friday August 23rd  JCC Los Gatos  12:30-1:30

Friday September 13th  Cancer Care Point  9:00-10:00

Friday September 13th  JCC Los Gatos 12:30-1:30