Orthotics and shoe selection for foot dysfunction

Do you have foot dysfunction such as plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, bunions, or flat feet?  Has your doctor prescribed orthotics?  This article lays out the latest scientific research regarding orthotics and demonstrates how taking care of a foot problem by only treating the foot isn't always the best option.  Shoe selection can be very important.  Educate yourself as to what your best choices really are rather than relying only on your doctor or shoe salesman's advice.

Cortizone shots and muscular dysfunction

Do you have pain due to stenosis, sciatica, bulging discs, disc herniations, knee pain, hip pain or other joint dysfunctions?  Has your doctor told you the best treatment plan is a cortizone injection?  Educate yourself as to the latest research regarding cortizone injections and whether they truly help.  Find out how else you can treat the underlying structural and muscular dysfunctions that are causing your pain symptoms.

How to test the primary and secondary hip flexors

This article will help you determine whether or not you have tight hip flexors.  The Thomas Test can be a good indicator as to whether the primary or secondary hip flexors are restricted.

Life lessons I've learned from ultra-running

As a postural therapist I try my best to practice what I preach.  I put my body under significant stress with my hobby of running mountain ultra-marathons.  The life lessons I've learned competing in ultra-marathons are worth sharing.  Please enjoy this article detailing my experiences.

The importance of hydration (includes hydrating shake recipe)

Hydration is key to optimal health.  Discover the importance of hydration and enjoy my favorite hydrating shake recipe.  This is one of my favorite snacks after a long mountain run.  This shake assists in my recovery and has many nutritional benefits.

What is Corrective Based Exercise?

In my opinion, corrective exercises will differ for each individual.  What is my definition of a corrective exercise?  A corrective exercise is basically any exercise that neutralizes the pelvis and brings the load bearing joints back into alignment.  So what does that mean? Read and find out....

How smart is your training program?

Do you go to the gym to get stronger?  Do you question whether your training program is designed to "truly" making you stronger? Do you understand the science behind exercise selection, periodization and how to achieve optimal positive transfer?  This article should help educate you as to why proper form is of key importance and how exercise selection can make all the difference in true strength gains.

The importance of recovery in a training program

Many of us train hard.  Whether we are training to run a marathon, body building, competing in the cross fit games, or just working out to lose weight, the final goals we are aiming to achieve in our training programs will not be met in the most efficient manner unless proper recovery is also addressed.  Find out how cortisol levels, adrenal function and hydration are influenced by over-training and how important recovery is in every training program for true strength and endurance gains, as well as to achieve an efficient metabolism.

Sciatica versus Piriformis Syndrome

Both of these pain symptoms may feel the same, but their root cause and corrective based strategies for reducing pain may differ.  Find out how to differentiate between these two symptoms and determine which you may be experiencing and why.

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Fix the Breath and You will Heal!

Restoring diaphragmatic breathing and postural balance to the ribcage where the diaphragm is housed can make substantial differences to posture, pain symptoms, and can even influence multiple health issues.  In this article, we review efficient diaphragmatic breathing techniques and provide examples of specific exercises we can begin to use to restore function to the diaphragm, rib cage, and nervous system.

Disc Herniations, Bulging Discs, Slipped Discs and other scary sounding


Is a herniated or bulging disc causing your back pain?  And if so, what can you do about it?  This article will help you understand the symptom known as the herniated disc, what causes it, and what solutions are out there to address the associated pain and dysfunction.

The Sacro-Illiac Joint.  A big pain in the butt.

One of the most common symptoms people walk into my office with is SI joint pain.  In my experience, this symptom is exasperated  when there is asymmetry in the pelvis.  Find out what causes Sacroiliac joint pain and how you can alleviate it.

The Myth of Core Training.

Have you been told you need to strengthen your core?  Instead of planking your way to pain and dysfunction, find out where true core strength stems from

The Multi-Positioning Tower.

Are you looking for the best hip flexor release ever?!  Look no further.  The Egoscue Tower will release the primary hip flexor but also does SO much more.  

Can corrective exercise eliminate sciatic pain?

What is sciatica?  What exercises should I do if I suffer from sciatica?  What exercises should I stay away from with sciatic symptoms? What is the best treatment for sciatic pain relief?  If you suffer from sciatica, you know it can be very painful.  This article helps answer the above questions and explains how postural therapy and corrective exercise can help to alleviate these painful symptoms and why back surgeries are not always the best option.

What is planter fasciitis?  Why did I get it and how do I resolve it?

The plantar fascia is the connective tissue that attaches to the rear of the heel and stretches under the sole and the toes of the feet.  Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition that occurs when the fascia is inflamed.  Find out what's causing this painful condition and how to resolve it.

How is hamstring tightness influenced by pelvic position?

Do you suffer from tight hamstrings?  Do you stretch your hamstrings constantly with no relief?  This article will help you understand what truly causes hamstring tightness.  Often the symptom is not where the true dysfunction lies.  Take care of hamstring tightness once and for all by influencing your pelvic position with postural therapy and corrective exercise.

Is all Exercise Good Exercise

An exercise is only as good as the body you bring to it.  Read this article to find out how to make exercise once again beneficial for you, so you build up your musculo-skeletal system rather than break it down further.

Can postural therapy help joint degeneration or do I need surgery?

Have you been diagnosed with joint degeneration?  Have you been told your knee or hip is bone on bone?  Do you have very little cartilage left?  Are you wondering if cartilage can regenerate?  Find out if hip replacement surgery or knee replacement surgery is truly necessary.  This article will lay out your options and educate you in making the best decision.  Even if surgery is truly necessary, postural therapy can influence your recovery and allow for decreased post surgical recovery time.

What is spondylolysthesis and can corrective exercise help?

What is spondylolysthesis?  Why is a spondy so painful?  Is back surgery a good option if I've been diagnosed with a spondylolysthesis?  What is the best treatment for a spondy?  What exercises should I do for a spondylolysthesis?  This article will help you to answer all these questions.  A spondy is not as scary as it feels or sounds.  Postural therapy and corrective exercise can help to alleviate the symptoms associated with spondylolysthesis.

What is stenosis and how can I best treat it for a long term solution?

Stenosis  can be a very painful condition typically affecting the lower back, but also the cervical spine.  Find out more about this painful condition and whether surgery is really the best option.  Find out what other options you might have to reduce the painful symptoms associated with stenosis.

Is Exercise Increasing your Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

Do you have a stubborn anterior tilt and no matter how many hip flexor stretches and glute strengtheners you perform it doesn't seem to budge?  Find out what exercises in the gym could actually be exacerbating the anterior pelvic tilt and how to perform specific stretches and exercises more efficiently to reduce this postural deviation.